History of Chemistry at Oxford

John Jones with the help of Part II students Rachel Curtis, Catherine Leith, Joshua Nall published a book titled the Dyson Perrins Laboratory and Oxford Organic Chemistry 1916-2004. This book is primarily a history of Oxford University’s Dyson Perrins Laboratory, which was opened in 1916 and was the base of one of the world’s leading Departments of Organic Chemistry until 2003. It was named in honour of CW Dyson Perrins, who made a massive benefaction derived from Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce. When the building was handed over to other university use in 2004, it was declared a Historic Chemical Landmark by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The book was published by John Jones in November 2008 (Reprinted 2009) ISBN 978-0-9512569-4-7 and though now no longer available for sale, it can be read here online.

Dyson Perrins Laboratory 1916

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